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Will the team member's day-to-day work be primarily focused on providing or supporting services within Turkey?

Do you have any existing or POSSIBLE sales to customers in Turkey?

For instance, if an Israel salesperson working for a US company is selling within Israel, the answer would be “Yes”. However, if that same Israel salesperson is selling broadly within EMEA, the answer would be “No”.

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In which countries can I hire with Oyster?

You can find that on our Country Availability page.

Oyster is growing rapidly and we keep adding new countries to ensure we get the best talent everywhere.

If you don’t see the country you’re looking for, please get in touch!

Who pays my employees’ salaries and taxes?

The payment and funding process depends on the type of contract that the customer chooses to have, with Oyster. There are three types of relationship a customer could have with Oyster, with regards to payment processing for global payroll. Read more

How can my company notify Oyster about a termination or a resignation?

As your global employment platform and employer of record, Oyster manages the whole offboarding process for full-time Team Members. Whether it’s a resignation in Brazil or termination in Poland, we’ll ensure it’s handled efficiently, compliantly, and professionally.

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